Can I bathe or camp here?

In the nature park, one can find several artificial as well as beautiful near-natural bodies of water. The reservoir in Wienerbruck with its inviting lawn is perfect for sunbathing. If you would like to pitch up a tent, you can do so in the garden of the Ötscher Base or at the Schutzhaus Vorderötscher refuge. Outside of these designated areas, camping in nature is prohibited.

The reservoir in Wienerbruck

For the electrification of the Mariazell Railway, the Wienerbruck power plant was built in the Ötscher Gorges between 1907-1911 already. For this purpose, the Lassing river was impounded which gave rise to the Wienerbruck reservoir that exists until this day. Located directly at its banks is the Ötscher Base nature park centre. The sunbathing lawn right next to the water is perfect for basking in the sun.

Ötscherbach brook and Erlauf river

Over thousands of years, the Ötscherbach brook and the Erlauf river have shaped the system of gorges known as the Ötschergräben (Ötscher Gorges) and the Vordere and Hintere Tormäuer. The streams in the nature park have excellent water quality and offer a great way to cool off in midsummer.

Camping in the nature park

If you would like to spend a night in nature, you are welcome to do so at the designated areas. Pitching up a tent is allowed in the garden of the Ötscher Base and the Schutzhaus Vorderötscher refuge as well as in Erlaufboden. However, please do not forget to register in advance!

Camping outdoors

Outside of these designated areas, camping and spending the night in the open air is prohibited. Camping in the forest is prohibited by law throughout Austria. Everyone is allowed to enter the forest freely as per §33 of the Forest Act but camping in the dark and pitching up tents are exempted. Moreover, the Lower Austrian Nature Conservation Act (2000) prohibits setting up mobile homes on grassland outside of authorized camping areas.