Wienerbruck - Lassingfall - Ötschergräben - Erlaufklause

Hiking route from Ötscher-Tormäuer nature park entrance (Wienerbruck railway station or Ötscher base Wienerbruck) to Mitterbach Station

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Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Route: 11,18 km
  • Ascent: 303 egm
  • Descent: 295 egm
  • Duration: 3:45 h
  • Lowest point: 617 m
  • Highest point:833 m
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops
  • Accessibility by train and bus
  • Geological highlights
  • Botanical highlights

Details for: Wienerbruck - Lassingfall - Ötschergräben - Erlaufklause

Brief description

Jagged rocks, roaring waterfalls, unique nature – this is how one of Austria's most exciting landscapes presents itself to its visitors. Shaped by the forces of the Ötscherbach brook, an utterly unique system of gorges awaits you at the foot of Mt. Ötscher: the Ötschergräben (Ötscher Gorges) aka the Grand Canyon of Austria. From the Hagengut the trail follows the only “fjord” of Lower Austria. Following the banks of the picturesque Erlaufstausee reservoir, you then reach Mitterbach. Transportation tip: Try getting there car-free with the Mariazell Railway which takes you directly to the nature park entrance Wienerbruck.



From the Nature Park Centre Ötscher-Basis in Wienerbruck - which is ideal for a stop before or after the tour - the trail leads along the Wienerbruck reservoir to Austria's oldest dam wall. There is also the entrance to one of the most impressive landscapes of the country. The beautiful path follows the course of the Lassing up to the roaring Lassingfall. The water falls over several breaks in the formation to a depth of about 160m until it joins the Erlauf at the foot of the waterfall. This is exactly where an impressive building - the Wienerbruck power station - is located on the so-called Stierwaschboden. Once built to electrify the Marizeller Railway, it is now fully operational and in 2015 the Turnbinenhalle was made accessible to visitors. In any case you should allow a few minutes for a visit. From here, the path runs over steep paths, walkways and bridges, always upstream along the Ötscherbach. From the Ötscher-Hias snack bar, the trail leads over a short stretch of forest road (Forststraße) to the Erlaufklause reservoir. Along the lakeshore, the path winds its way through another unique landscape. It is not without reason that this part of the landscape is often referred to as the fjord. Once you arrive in Mitterbach, the Stapelhaus with its unique view of the Ötscher is an ideal place to stop for a break. The Mariazeller Railway takes hikers from Mitterbach station back to Wienerbruck.


Starting point of the tour

Ötscher-Tormäuer nature park entrance (Wienerbruck railway station or Ötscher base Wienerbruck)

Destination point of the tour

Mitterbach Station

Route description Wienerbruck - Lassingfall - Ötschergräben - Erlaufklause

From the Wienerbuck station via the Ötscher base along the reservoir to the dam wall, then left into a forest gorge, with a short descent to the Kienbachfall on the opposite side. Then further down the valley with an occasional view of the Lassingfall. After short tunnel passages you reach the valley basin of the "Stierwaschboden" with the "Schau-Kraftwerk" Wienerbruck (approx. 45 min.). When you are at the power station over the bridge and then left upstream through the Ötschergräben gorge with a great white water spot under high cliffs to the Ötscherhias snack bar (approx. 1.5 hours; popular snack bar built in 1933, open May-Oct. daily until 5 p.m.). From the Ötscherhias, take the well-built climb up the Mühlbachlgraben, past the renovated mill and on to the Ötscherstraße. Turn right before the dam wall parking lot, then along the reservoir to the nature park entrance Mitterbach (approx. 1 ½ hrs.). Mitterbach station - additional walking time of approx. 15 minutes through the local area of Mitterbach.



A1 exit Ybbs/Donau - direction Eisenstraße - follow B25 - after Scheibbs turn left direction Puchenstuben - follow B28 direction Annaberg until Lassingrotte - at Lassingrotte turn right direction Wienerbruck - Wienerbruck station



Ötscher Base Nature Park Centre Wienerbruck 


Sowohl der Start- als auch der Endpunkt sind öffentlich mit der Mariazellerbahn erreichbar (Haltestellen Wienerbruck und Mitterbach).
Details und Fahrplan:

More info/links

Mariazellerbahn: with stops in Wienerbruck and Mitterbach.

Weitere informationen

Further information / links

Ötscher Base Nature Park Centre Wienerbruck (T 02728/211 00, E )

Map recommendations

Compass "Mariazell, Ötscher, Erlauftal" 22



Tough shoes and rain protection


Safety information

For sure-footed hikers with no fear of heights!

Map recommendations

Kompass "Mariazell, Ötscher, Erlauftal" 22

Author's tip

Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the Seeterrase in the nature park centre Ötscher-Basis. Special emphasis is placed on the use of regional products such as dirndel juice, Ötscher beer and game. Visit the Wienerbruck power station on the Stierwaschboden. There is a self-explanatory exhibition in the Turbinenhalle. If you are interested, a guided tour can also be organised. Simply call 02728 21 100 and if you still have enough energy, we recommend a trip to the Mirafall. From the Ötscherhias simply follow the Ötscherbach for about 20 minutes to the impressive waterfall. For the way there and back, you should plan on about an hour.


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